About us

Workshop «GARNISON 1919» was founded in 2015 in Ukraine.

Since 2015, we have served customers from all over the world, and thanks to this, we have thousands of satisfied customers on the etsy and ebay marketplaces.

Our friendly team of professional craftsmen restore and bring vintage watches back to life. We also create “marriage” watches on the basis of old mechanisms, they have unique dials and are created according to our own sketches in our workshop.

If you love history and want to have a piece of the past, then you can easily find watches in any style in our online store that will emphasize your uniqueness.

We also have a partner who has a warehouse in the US where we store a small number of watches, which helps us ship packages to US customers quickly and safely.


We like to restore vintage watches, the time of which has long passed and as it turned out, they fit perfectly into modern life filled with gadgets and modern technologies, we love to experiment with dial design, rethink and find new forms, giving a second life to these beautiful things that delight our customers and will never go out of style.




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